Week One

  1. Write down your goal(s) that you want to accomplish in this course.  
  2. What’s your why? Why do you need to accomplish this goal(s)?
  3. Write down your Moving towards Values. (5 Values from greatest to least) Values are what’s important to you in your life. We are constantly motivated to move towards pleasurable emotional states. Nevertheless, in addition, we value some emotions more than others. For example, we must decide what emotions will give us the most pleasure-Love or success? Freedom or Intimacy? Adventure or security? Here are some examples of things you may value: Love, Success, Freedom, Intimacy, Security, Adventure, Power, Passion, Health, Comfort. 
  4. Read E-Book
  5. Nutrition- Intermittent Fasting-16 hours No food/8 hours open window to eat. (No Food 8 pm-12 pm) Eat 2 meals and maybe a snack. A) Meal 1 Low Carb B) Meal 2 Low Carb <=60 Carbs daily Food chart will be supplied.

​The workout video link will be emailed to you.

​Tape measure your Abs and take before pics (Front and side view).